Positive and negative effects of the cannabis

In the market, different medical companies offer different types of drugs which are used by several people. Many people who use these drugs as a medicine will get lot of benefits but others who depend on these drugs will have disadvantages of using them.


Cannabis is a kind of weed which offers many health benefits to people. People who want to get relief from their pain and reduce depression will use cannabis. Cannabis includes a psychoactive element THC which helps a lot in maintaining metabolism.

It block memory formation

The active ingredients of cannabis act in a part of brain and interrupt the part of brain where memory is formed. The blockage of memory formation can cause impairment in adulthood and fill the brain cells.

THC mess with your balance

THC was mess with that part of brain which regulates the body balance, coordination and reaction time. When this area is disturbed then then it seems hard to walking and talking correctly. It also has negative effect on the ability to drive.

Cannabis use may increase the risk of depression

It is not proved that use of cannabis make the user depressed but long term use of cannabis may affect some part of the mind and leave some symptoms that will increase the level of depression.

Users may experience psychosis

The users who take the large amount of dose of drug act as psychosis. He loses the sense of personal identity and also has not in the position to talk or stand properly. He can say anything which he did not understand.

But it is not all bad in using cannabis because it also has many positive features. When THC hit the brain cells then it release some chemical which help to feel good when you do things. It many have many benefits:

Chemical found in cannabis stop cancer from spreading

It is proved that a chemical is found in cannabis which helps to stop cancer from spreading, so many doctors give cannabis to the patients as a medicine to heal their pain.

Reduce the level of stress

The ingredients in cannabis block the memory formation which sometime help the user to forget the past memory ant it will reduce the stress over his mind. He feels good and fresh and start enjoys everything.

Help in heart disease

The components derived from cannabis are beneficial in lower the level of pain and help to reduce the heart disease.

The use the drugs in increasing day by day, the companies who provide these drugs have experienced professionals who give right quality of the product. All the companies have licensed to do that work. They provide their product online also which help the user to get the product direct from the company on the reasonable prices. Cannabis is comes in three different forms that are indica, sativa and hybrid and all of them have their different advantages. Cannabis can be smoked, vaporised or eaten in any product for the maximum uses and give quick results.

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