Cars Raced By Voice

Caused by a collaboration between Japanese organizations Kayac, Nissan, TBWA, Hakuhodo, and Bandai Namco right here’s a very crazy concept from Japan. Voice Driver Cup was developed to promote Nissan’s Fair Lady 370Z. It’s essentially a racing online game in which the driver competes together with his sound, making his / her car noises which can be best that are right translated into propulsion. The louder you yell, the quicker your car goes. The circuit that is digital and system was developed by a Kayac engineer, together with automobile's human anatomy is founded on the Fair Lady Z. The track is 60 meters in total which should make for exciting (and incredibly noisy) competitions.


In addition to this race that is amazingly geeked-out set-up, there will additionally be an app coming soon allowing folks all over the world to take part in a voice driving game remotely. You should check the movie out below for a demonstration of just how this works. I am hoping they commercialize this and sell it to Hot Wheels! You can examine out of the free general public Japan GP occasion at Nissan headquarters in Yokohama this Saturday if you take Japan. The after that, will be the World GP event, which will happen live on Ustream week.

Constantly wished to be a battle vehicle motorist? Nissan makes it easy proper to be the motorist that is fastest in the world with all the brand-new online game Voice Driver Cup. Intended to market the Fairlady that is brand-new 2013 form of the 2-seater sports vehicle, the game pits drivers against one another using only their particular sound. Rather than operating a remote vehicle that is controlled an electric powered operator, sound volume becomes the controller. ‘Drivers’ can yell into an iPhone software or into their computer system microphone to alter the rate of these car- the louder their particular vocals, the faster the car wil drive.

Nissan is hosting the first Voice Driver ‘Grand Prix’ at their particular business head office in Japan on Saturday, November 1st; fans will come to the track that is 100m participate in individual. Then, on November seventeenth, Nissan will host a worldwide Grand Prix, permitting anyone in the world to contend without leaving their table.

View videos associated with the generating of the Voice Driver Cup below: