Factors that help you to find what is the best air purifier in the market

the best HEPA air purifierQuality air promotes good health. However, if you are really concerned about the impure air in your home, then you have to immediately purchase an air purifier to purify the air in your home and inhale fresh air. The main job of this purifier is to purify the air that is filled with dust, germs, bacteria, animal dander, chemical pollutants, gases, toxins and other harmful air particles. A plethora of studies have proven that the air inside the home is 5 to 10 times invasive than the ones outside.

There are many companies who are selling different modeled air purifiers that are of different sizes, shapes and colors. Moreover, different types of purifiers uses different technologies to clean the air. So before finding what is the best air purifier, you first need to understand how the air purifier technology work and choose the one that suits your specific needs.


However, it is often daunting and challenging task to find the best air purifier. Here are a few factors you can take into account to find the superior quality air purifier

Particle removing capability

Generally, HEPA air filters have the ability to remove around 99% of dust particles from air. However, in order to drain out the minute dust particles, this HEPA air filter does not work effectively. So, you need to go for electronic air cleaners which have the ability to clean even the dust and airborne particles that are of 0.01 microns from the air. Moreover, you need to go for more advanced air filters that can purify the air from the dust particles, pesticides and herbicides that are of 0.001 microns. However, this type of filtration is carried out by air oasis air filters. So you need to select the filter based on the size of air pollutants you want to eliminate from your home.air purifier

Generally, it is impossible for the air filtration device to filter the chemical fumes and viruses. This type of filtration of viruses and fumes can only be done by oxidation ions. Apart from the smoke particles, the ozone generator has the ability to remove almost all the dust particles. The air oasis filters are perfect to use in places like hospitals and daycare centers, since this has the power to kill the germs, virus, fungi, and bacteria in the air.

Area to be cleaned: Before trying to find out which is the best air purifier, consider the area to be cleaned. The small air purifiers are not economical, though they are small. The value of the air purifier totally relies on the area it cleans, i.e. the square feet it cleans thoroughly. The more the square feet the purifier cleans, the more it would cost. Generally, the HEPA air purifiers have the ability to clean around 500 square feet of area. However, if your home is big and spacious, then you need to purchase negative ion air purifier to clean the large area thoroughly.


Clean the entire home or building: There are a few purifiers that has the ability to clean the entire home and building no matter the square feet of the place is. Generally, the purifiers are able to clean the entire area because the walls, ceilings and other obstacles act as barriers for the purifiers, even for the equipment that uses oxidation, negative ion and ozone technologies. The best way to clean the entire home thoroughly is to purchase a couple of air purifiers and carry out cleaning separately in each place. Moreover, this is quite economical compared to purchasing a single big purifier. However, people who do not like to use multiple air purifiers can purchase HVAC model cleaners. These cleaners will purify the air in every room through the duct system in a couple of hours. You can even install the duct purifier in your air conditioning or heating system ductwork. This purifier transforms the heating or cooling system into air purifiers and clean your home.

Power consumption: What is the best air purifier? Generally, the purifier that consumes less power and helps the buyers to save the power bill.

Replacement of components in purifiers: Many purifiers will lose their efficiency after a year. So you need to replace the parts to boost their performance. You need to think twice before purchasing purifiers that use air filters since these filters should be replaced after a couple of months. Moreover, ionizers and ozone generators use glass plates that require regular maintenance. So, you need to choose the purifiers that requires less maintenance or no maintenance.

Keep the above mentioned factors in your mind before delving for an air purifier